Our Story

The Barn in English means the storage of grains, which is why it was used in the Barn’s design of wooden Germans such as wooden barrels, and from sui due to the use of one of the world’s finest coffee in the world by Barn’s shop in Berlin, Germany it is professional, and it has been transferred to Iran. The leaders of Barn’s group are the alumni of the S.A., the ritual, and the cooking. Which was given to the help of one of the most called groups of the restaurant cafe, the result of their science and experience under the Barn’s name are appeared in Summer 2005 in the process of drinking amd food, as well as selling some of the relevant accessories and other goods.

The group of Barn’s services

Consulting for equipment and launching

Over ninety percent of the owners and managers of the active food collection have no knowledge of the food operation, and the same lack of acquaintance makes them unable to identify the risks, flaws and weaknesses of their food unit or the surveillance has an effect on food processes, and eventually they fail. The idea is the master of construction and the place, doing economic review and business design, estimate of time budget and finance in creating new units or change of current units are so important.
The Barn’s group with the support of executive experience and the management of the administration, has the services of the management and pilot of the restaurant units and the people who are interested in build and develop coffee shops can use these facilities to improve strategic decisions and increase productivity.
Training all standards to staff and syntax of performance and cooperation with standard controlling.
Training new staff in their work place.
Training party staff services for conventions and accommodation services in theaters and outside.
The collection of special training courses and with demand and cooperation of other applicant units in the company and with the interest of coach and master invited of institution outside the company such as technical experts and equipments.

The house of events and the ceremonial rituals

The ceremony of Barn unit began the activity from 2011 in the background of the ceremony and services of its target.this set was always the get of the qualitative level. In this way, by inspired by the last method of the day and merging it with the original Iranian culture as well as a skilled team gathering. Global standards in accommodation and new style rituals have created a new style in the performance of the Barn’s ritual using the most creator of the trained designers of the world, also using the essentials and equipments of the world.

Selling products and dishes

Since the Barn’s group is given a lot of sensitivity in the selection of equipment, accessories, as well as the materials of its drinks, the special attention of the Barn’s customers, and on the other hand to the request and welcoming customers to provide in order to order from customers.

Our Mission

Coffee drinking is social event, so we bring the best to provide you with smiles. The Barn gives his customers passion and excitement, and we are a good host for you.

Join Us

The Barn group with the development approach and the constant improvement and launched the new collection to develope its organization cadre of interested people to work in the food field and drink at the Barn cafe’s collection.

5 + 3 = ?

Our Team

Our team is a passionate, young, energetic team with purpose and ready to take orders with smiles from customers who are interested in coffee and food. The super talented team with the warm hospitality and the best impact that makes the warm environment of the cafe more desirable and that with their skill they draw the opinion of customers and bring their mission with the satisfaction of customers. You will face the most merciful and diligent group in the Barn

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Motahari Branch

Address: No. 13, Oraman St, Shahid Motahari St, Tehran

Telephone: +982188341252

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Address: 4th floor, No. 5, 13th St, Velenjak St, Tehran

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No. 13, Oraman St, Shahid Motahari St, Tehran


Telephone: +982188341252

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